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I Fucking Loves...


The doings

So I'm pretty sure I love working at my job at the Restaurant, but I am aware of some doings that I know are a little sketchy and would not fly after my 3 months probation.

Nothing at risk with the Health Board, mind you, but more in lines of contradicting the Labour Board statutes.

First of all, I don't think it's appropriate for the owner of the restaurant to call one of his works (not me, I think he likes me so far) a cocky little bitch. That seemed a little intense.
Second of all, I don't think that getting absolutely no breaks for however you work is a little inappropriate as well, I've worked shifts from 10.5h down to 5h and we get absolutely nothing.
Thirdly, I understand some people try to manage their food so that people don't go stealing and such but I think it would only be nice if waitors got free food or something while we work... I mean the kitchen does...
Fourthly, I should not have to feel RUSHED to place an order of a table that just came in before 9:45 or the kitchen will absolutely NOT make it.
Example: Last night I had a table come in at 9:40 (We close at 10, but stop taking orders at 9:45) and purchase a bottle of wine for 40$... of course I'm going to serve them. After that they said they wanted to eat, so I told my other waitor that they wanted to order and her exact words were "You better get their orders in FAST before 9:45 or ***** will NOT make their food. Now, if he didn't make their food, WE are the ones that deal with the bullshit. Needless to say, I got the order in at exactly 9:44 so the order went through.

That's just some of the weirdness that's been going on there, other than that tips are amazing, the girls I work with are good, and 9/10 the customers are pretty good, minus a few bad apples but I'm used to deal with those.

Ps. Staples sucks.


Yeah well apparently getting my own insurance under my own name is reasonable but getting insurance for my parents car under their name isn't so reasonable lol.
For me to insure my own car under my own insurance I'd spend about 1200$ a year, which is VERY reasonable considering all the speeding tickets and traffic violations I have.

For my parents 2008 Passat if my parents put me as an occasional driver under their car it would increase their insurance by 2200$ a year. JUST for me. So needless to say I will not be driving the Passat anymore =[

And I loved that car too. Ugh.

Oh well, anyways just a few more steps closer to getting my own car, not it's just the saving process to make sure I have enough money to pay for it... not sure how long that's going to take but I'm going to try to work as much as I can and spend as little as I can lol.

To do list:

- Transfer driving licence to nova scotia
- Pick up paycheck #2 from staples
- Go look at new glasses! (yay me needs new spectacalis)
- Go to andres for some pasta and wine!

Ok that wasn't too bad of a list really, just now I need my dad to be home with my brothers' car because that's what I need as transportation.

Although I have the faint feeling that probably only one of these items will be completed today... maybe two.
All I know is I need some wine flowing through my fucking system.

Dear Telus

Fuck you I got my phone back up and running! 140$ my ass! ;)

I really didn't want to get up this morning yet at all... these people are walking around upstairs and I get the pleasure of having my dog in my room with me.
Ruff ruff ruff
Over and over and over and it's driving me CRAZY.

I'm to the point I might just let him out of my room because he absolutely won't stop until he gets out because we've tried it before, he's very persistent. And I hate repetition it just drives me nuts so whenever he barks like that at the same tone and pitch and same amount it just cuts like a knife through me.

I can't even focus on playing this damn game because he keeps barking and barking, and gods know I STILL cannot beat this fucking level.
Oh to make matters worst, apparently I missed like 5 Trust disks so I probably won't even get an Unlockable anyways or something, or there will be a fucking hole in the game... or I don't have the necessary weapons to fight these 50 Drudge drones.

(Those are drones in the picture.)

And to emphasize more on the 'worst matters' these apparently are coming from a warp hole so it's like an infinite amount of drones because as I kill them they just send in more and more, wave after wave.

As you can imagine I'm already getting bored and agitated with the repetition of the game.
I hate not winning.


rot·ten (rät'n)


  1. royally pissed.
  2. in bad spirits, mood or anxiety.
  3. agitated
I don't know why but I'm just in a rotten mood right now... I mean I'm eating cheesecake listening to some good tunes but for some reason I'm just agitated.

I can't quite figure it out at all. I feel cold, I put on a sweater, and I'm too warm for the sweater. I feel uncomfortably sitting crossed legged so I switch to sitting straight and now that's bugging me so I think I'll go back to sitting crossed legged. I was playing Wii and I couldn't beat this one part, so I tried 4x got rotted and turned off the power and came over here.

Ugh. I think maybe it's my Male PMS or something tonight, I am not sure really.

Good episode of True Blood though... although my back does hurt a lot really, it's really kinda annoying.

Ok and yeah I want a car now because I hate getting my parents driving me everywhere because my mother doesn't do ANYTHING without complaining before, all during, and 10mins after doing it, so it's a real big burden just getting her to drive me to work.
Although I do understand it'd be annoying to drive me everywhere, fuck I don't know if I do it.

Wait though I do. I drive my brothers to and from work, sometimes my dad to work, and then myself to and from my two jobs and yet I only complain on here? Why is that I wonder...?

Oh well fuck it, because I'm just rotted and need to go to bed I guess.

Oh fuck but if I do then tomorrow comes sooner and I dont' want that because tomorrow morning the Painter guys start with MY room so it's not even like I get to sleep or anything because they are going to barge into my room under the permission of my parents and start goin at it (Heh, do I WISH someone would barge into my room and "go at it" because gods it's been too long.)

Maybe I'm just sexually frustrated? Sucks being good and waiting for that special someone, or just having morals in general!
Probably only most likely because I'm in a rotten mood, doesn't mean I'd wanna just fuck someone though, because we both know that wouldn't do anything to solve anything.

And who are "we" that I talk of anyways, I doubt anyone will read this entry because it's awfully long and rambling... not exactly the most exciting type of entry

Fuck it, good night.

Just an FYI

You know what I hate more than immature guys?

Immature girls.

Enough said. Ugh.

Dear Telus:

Please do not cancel my contract today. I promise I will have it paid off in full by friday, no jokes this time! I actually have a job so I can actually pay it off!

If you disconnect me I will call in and verbally harass your employees and you know we both don't want that because I don't have the time and neither do you, so let's just call 'er even right here.

Ps. Cute commercial the other day!

Car: It's in the works baby!

So it's officially in the works. I am going to be getting a new car I just need to save 1200$ which shouldn't take much time, maybe a max of 2 weeks?

I decided I'm going to just get a super cheap older car (Probably this 1997 VW Golf 1.8L) I've been eyeing out.

I really want to get one and then just pimp the shit out of it, to tell the truth! And I really need a car to get to both my work places, so my parents can stop complaining about driving me everywhere!

A Synopsis of the Life of Me

Okay first of all, it's so hard working 10.5h the night before a 8 hour shift the next day. Definitely not a fun idea in the first place, but I need the money so I'm hoping I can get over it.

Also downloaded the Sarah McLaughlin album Surfacing, because I decided that since I can't go to the Summerside Tour in BC or whatever it's called, that I will be there in spirit because that's the cheapest way to experience it sadly. Sorry Sarah, sorry Neil, Sorry Sheryl. Sometime soon, my loves.

I need a car because getting rides everywhere and having to wait around and deal with the drama associated with having to get my parents to do things for me is getting very old very fast.

And I'm not going to lie I am definitely considering moving out, I am just waiting for that one thing that's going to make me snap and just look for a place to move here. Sucks because the area isn't even that cheap, maybe just a tad bit more than Windsor's apartments but I think I could sustain myself with my tips and my resturaunt job.

Also, I am not going to lie I am not sure the whole Staples thing is going to work out... it just seems like a lot of stuff I am supposed to know and it's just hard, I know it's only been a few days so I am going to give it some more time and such and see what comes of it. If I get fired, I get fired. Until then I'll try to make as much money from them as possible, just incase.

Very sorry I haven't been blogging much I have just been so drained between work and such, I mean sure I've been doing at least one a day, but it's nowhere near up to my previous par of like 5 posts a day! But now I'm just levelling out.

I'm off to relax, listen to some more Sarah McLaughlin and decide whether I should go and buy a really comfy pillow and some muscle and ache relief because my ankles are seriously killing me, and last night I couldn't fall asleep for a long time because they were just throbbing!

Customers from Hell

Nothing worst than serving customers who are really really needy... now I don't mind it, don't get me wrong.
But if you're waiting on a family of 5 with a silver spoon (or however the cliche goes) and their order comes to 76.45$... their tip SHOULD be more than 0$.
Fucken eh I almost chased the fuckers down the street that's for sure.

Long long night last night, was supposed to work 12p-8p... which turned into 1140a-1030p with absolutely no breaks and nothing to eat! Didn't even get a chance to piss! (YIKES!)

It's ok though I mean, in the last few hours of serving I got the majority of my tips, which was pretty good (127.55$). So I surpassed by 10$/day tip expectation that I had set for myself LOL. Makes the day worth it I guess.

Anyways I am off because now I have to go back to the grind and work this morning 8am-4p and my ankles are gunna fall off... I need Tylonol Muscle Ache relief or whatever that shit was... Hey now I have money to maybe pay off my phone bill... but I have some other items I need a little more... Like a bottle of fucking wine after last night!

Damn you's a sexy bitch

Best song ever, David Guetta ft Akon: Sexy Bitch

And I decided that I love changing gears in a manual transmission... I just love the feeling and the control.

Would you be my manual transmission? ;)

True Blood! (This is a spoiler)

*I forewarn you I am going to discuss the episode here because I more or less just wanna get it out!*

Wow, eh? Wasn't that such a great episode, I'm not going to even lie right now but I totally cried... and I'm a pretty cold person (I'd make a good vampire.)

The fact that Goderic just gave up on everything after thousands of years of being a vampire was just phenomenal. You could sense it when he surrendered his position as Sheriff, there was just something not so right about it, he seemed to almost be giving up on everything.

I think that's where Eric was a little confused it seemed.

The scene where Eric was pleading for him to change his mind and was crying and speaking in their ancient language and tears of blood were flowing down his eyes, that's where I just lost it.

I know Goderic didn't have a huge role in the movie really, he was referred to, but the short while he was there he made a good impression (And sort of a little crush not gonna lie about that either) and seemed to have good intentions.

I was glad to see he didn't die in the explosion, and was almost completely uninjured even though he was soo close to the explosion. I guess it was a show of his strength.
And yet he sacrificed it all.

I am blown away. What a good episode!

I can't imagine being in his place though... I know I am so skeptical about things and life in general and I've only been around for 22 years now... I can't imagine the feeling of being "undead" for over 2 thousand years... no wonder he just gave up.

I can't believe he commanded Eric to back away and to let him die, that was pretty intense, but also begins to show maybe a new side of Eric in the episodes to come... a more emotional, and caring? Eric? I don't know we'll see!

All I know is Eric is Hot, Goderic had sexy tattoo's and I feel bad for Bill.
Maryanne is a fucking sketch and when she entered the restaurant and was like "The god before you demands a sacrificed" or whatever it gave me chills!

Anyways enough ranting about that for now - I just hadddd to get it out because there was just so much going on

Ps. Glad Lafayette and Terra's mother showed up and stole Terra... we'll see what happens there!!! I really want her to get outta there.


So I'm a tad bit (more like REALLY) bored.
I think i'm going to go to take a nap just because i can ...
Just discovered the band Bad Religion for the first time tonight and i must say i really enjoy.
So i'm going to add it as my favorite song for right now.

Other brother finishes work 12am... so i guess that's something to do there, i get to go pick him up i guess, unless my dad volunteers (which i kind of hope.)

Only work 4 hours tomorrow, but between my two jobs i work a total of 45 hours this upcoming week, which is good though i guess. And i also get tips at the one job so hopefully i might make some good money next week:

Weekly tip count: 50$?

That's not too extreme, considering i was told that waitors at the resturaunt do approx. 150$ a shift there... so i'll aim for 50$ for the week, just so i'm not let down haha.

Definition: Fall


–verb (used without object)

1. to drop or descend under the force of gravity, as to a lower place through loss or lack of support.

2. to become lowered or directed downward, as the eyes: My eyes fell before his steady gaze.

3. to pass into some physical, mental, or emotional condition: to fall asleep; to fall in love.

4. to be directed, as light, sight, etc., on something: His eyes fell upon the note on the desk.

5. to come by lot or chance: The chore fell to him.

Homosexual Friends: No messing around this time!

(Taken from my blog)

As most of my closest friends, as well as closest family know, I am a homosexual.

Now with this title comes a lot of negative stereotypes and astigmatisms
Fag, Queer, Gay, Fudgepacker, Faggot, Sissy, Nancyboi, Dicksucker, Cocksucker, etc.

But let's put those aside for now.

Here is my problem: Sustaining a nonsexual friendship within the gay community.

I have yet to meet many gay guys who are not willing to just mess around or have sex with their friends.
Why is this?

Sure I know we're guys, and guys have a very high sex drive... but should that contradict morals?
I know I've gone through my phases and such, like most guys whether hetero or homo do, but seriously some guys do not grow out of these phases and I am beginning to see it everyday more and more.

When it was pointed out (ignorantly, mind you) by my parents that gay guys sleep with guys because it's just what they do, I came to realise that that stereotype was in place for a reason.

This saddens me, because there are guys out there, like myself, that have grown up, developed some morals, and wish for JUST friends.

Horny? Throw on some fucking porn, don't do your friends.
That's disrespectful, and degrading.

It's so sad that I could have so much fun hanging out with someone as a friend who is gay, and then he pops the question of whether or not I want to mess around sometime, or even that night! Wow man, have we come that far? That it's safe to assume anyone attractive is willing to just mess around?

I don't know, it's just frustrating, and I'm sure very few people will read this but I had to just get it out... my frustrations that is.

So I write to you, and ask you... is there a chance? Is there much chance that two gay guys could be strictly friends with no sexual tension?

Because I'm finding it harder and harder to find any guys like this, and it's frustrating.

Whatever enough ranting to Massive Attack: Beautiful Drug

My Greatest Addiction: Vanilla Iced Coffee

so I know people always told me that Tim Hortons has a slight amount of nicotine in their coffee and such just to make it slightly addictive... that's a given.

and I know people when I worked at starbucks that were strictly against Tim Hortons for this idea, and a sense of superiority in the matter.

but they're just so fucking good! I absolutely cannot drink enough of these things and I feel so bad when I just devour them all the time. I know I try to limit myself to one or two (or three...) a day because well, it's a waste of money... but they're so yummy!

and not to mention a nice little cool-me-down in the nice weather given to us here in nova scotia.

so I thought I would buy you a one, as a taster just so you would understand where I'm coming from when I say they are delish!

Birthday sum-up

wow today turned out for the better somewhat.

sure I'm not going out or anything tonight like I had wanted to, or even to grab a beer would have been nice too, but at least I went from crying in my bed listening to Matthew Good: Champion of Nothing, to crying with my dad and getting two birthday gifts that I said I wanted:

a. laptop desk, one of those small ones I can fit in the corner!
b. a nice comfy leather chair that I can sit on in the corner with the new desk!

mood: a lot happier now.

and because I can position my lamp the right way, I can use my webcam now because it's not as grainy, which is also nice because now I can video conference with friends I haven't seen in a while... and with you. =]

now I'm off with my brother to pick up my other brother at his work... fun.
at least thing time he asked me if I wanted to come along? I mean that counts for something right? He coulda asked my dad...

anyways, I am really happy with my family right now... until they piss me off =]
but I'll still love them like crazy til I die.

oh ps. dad wrote me a letter with my birthday card which made us both cry like crazy, posted inside a cute card saying:

Happy Birthday To A
Terrific Son
Who's Never Been
One Bit of Trouble

Isn't Selective Memory

heh, thanks dad.

First Day of Work Part 2!

Yeah so here I go I'm all ready for work... first time working in the Restaurant bizz! Been told it's either so fun, or no fun. I'm alright with that though, I realise it's all dependent on customers and such.

At least here I get to keep my own tips.

Still nervous though because I'm pretty sure the t-shirt they gave me to wear is from the 70s... which is kinda funny... I mean retro is in right? =S
Yeah exactly what I thought.

District 9!

As far as I'm concerned, I side with the aliens.

And I have just reason for that, as I'm sure if you've seen it you would understand my point of view. Now I'll try not to ruin anyone's movie here, but this movie was absolutely stunning.

In my books, probably the best film I saw this year, if not the past few years! (Maybe my all time favorite movie ever.)

A great subtly astropolitical movie. Astropolitical meaning dealing with the politics of humans and in this movie "Nonhumans."

Excellent graphics, and very believeable! I came out of the movie a little on edge, expecting at any time a Praun to jump out from the bushes and frighten the living shit out of me! The alien weaponry, the aliens themselves... everything. Loved it.

My closing statement is the following: Leave it to the humans to fuck it all up.

Cute song, makes me fuzzy

Found this song randomly whilst listening to Kate Nash's album, Made of Bricks, and I thought this part was really, really, cute and really kinda illustrated in a somewhat familiar way how I feel about you.

But you already know about this song because I made you listen to it =]

Here's my favorite part:
right birds can fly so high
and they can shit on your head
yeah they can almost fly into your eye
and make you feel so scared
but when you look at them

and you see that they're beautiful

thats how i feel about you
Hehe. You know who you are, so this is my little shout-out to you indirectly in my blog! Ha! And here you can't stop me bitch.
Wow, 4 hours of credit card BS and customer service need-to-knows that I've known since I was 10.
Common curtesy?

Fml, why does Staples have so many cards/credit cards?

First day

Oh man I am nervous as fuck now... I don't even want to get ready?
I'm sitting here in my boxer briefs and not even wanting to put my shirt and pants on because that's the next step to getting to work.

... Oh shit I forgot to ask my dad to drive me.
Ok we're good now I just ran up and asked him (Close one.)

First day of work Part 1

Tomorrow is my first day of work Part 1, as stated in my title...

I start at Staples tomorrow and begin my training for the Electronics section which is going to be nothing short of hilarious for the following reasons:
a. I know nothing about computers
b. I'm not an aggressive salesperson
c. the discount sucks (10%)
d. not sure how to continue this list

So we will see exactly how everything goes, and I'm sureeee I will keep u informed.

ps. i hate having to go to bed at a certain time, it's like having a curfew all over again.
pps. tomorrow i see District 9! -- which i AM very excited for.

Hauntings from the past

Don't you just hate it when people you've deleted months (sometimes years) prior message you?

First of all if you deleted them then it's safe to say you don't care to talk to them anyways.
second, if it's taken them this long to message you then it's safe to say you (and they) don't care that much.

Happened twice today, one person i hadn't talked to in approx. a month and the other i hadn't talked to in over a year!

"Hey what's new?"
"Oh you know, so much in over a year you fucker."

No time for losers, i'm happy in my own little world.

Waterfall catastrophe ("JUMP!!!") and The Trail


excuse the ridic amount of wide noise and me gasping because i didn't realise i was so close to an edge.

How ridiculously close (But sometimes nice)

This is to show you exactly how close the forest is to my house... it's in the backyard basically.

I have yet to catch one but apparently Fawns come around here!

some puffins at this puffin observ. place we walked out to

i donated 2$ because i thought it was nice =P

brother and i scaled down into this little dungeon type area for a laugh.

Bonavista, NL and Elliston, NL shenanigans!

me climbing up this wooden fish thingy where they used to salt cod.
so now instead i climb it.

here's me rafting with our lovely tourguide Alex approaching a "Marble vein"

gros morne stuf

gonna try uploading some pix and vids i guess from the trip to gros morne national park in newfoundland

my brother dared me to go pet the fucken horse so i recorded me going up to it...

(more to come)

i need a CAR asap.
bcuz here u need a car for everything and to go everywhere and im sick of relying on rides from either my parents or borrowing my brothers car.

i feel so adolescent.
"hey dad im going over to a friends around 7 to hang out, can i borrow the car?"
"oh hey no worries i gotta run by that way, i'll drop u off."
hello grade 6.

one thing i cant stand is not being treated 21 (and SOON 22!!!) holy shit.
i think my parents feel that when i moved out i didnt age at all

that here i am again, back in with them at 18... which even then at least i had my own fucking car.

oh forgot to mention my power cord for my laptop is finally fixed hence y im back online after so long

oh yea and my cell phone got disconnected bcuz i owed 279$.... called n bitched and now i only owe 130.22$
giggity giggity.
well here i am! nova scotia

not gunna lie i really enjoy it thus far... weather is beautiful, people are gorgeous and super friendly (little too friendly at times!)

been job hunting for quite some time now and finally landed 3 jobs all at once, and im only going to keep 2.

Staples and Andre's Seats

maybe ill throw up some pix in the near future if i get a chance to take some of the area and its attractions.

i live with a forest in my backyard... that's a little scary at night not gunna lie.

anyways over and out!
ill check back in with something to bitch about another time ;)