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Why are people so fucking dodgy?
I make plans and we make plans and then things change and everything goes to shit and here I am waiting for "people to get back to me with what's going on." Well I'm sorry that's not something I'm going to bank on. For the following reasons:
1) I need to know whether or not to waste my minimal money on alcohol
2) Figure out whether I am driving anywhere and need to buy gas
3) Figure out what I need to wear and what's the occassion of the even to see whether I can find something to even wear
4) So I don't fucking sit around LIKE A LOSER.

So to all my so called fucking friends, thanks for getting back to me, thanks for hanging out with me all week when I told you to let me know and you said you would... when you've been "bored" and "looking for something to do" because I've seen the goddam facebook status updates... even commented on a few to get the point across.

So I won't forget this - And anyone who knows me well, KNOWS I won't forget this. You're good as gone, fuck off. I need to find new friends.

My latest obsession has been drinking water... I can't stop drinking it and it's like I am addicted to the taste of nothing. That's what I figure anyways.


So I just decided I need to write instead of just letting these emotions and feelings bottle up inside my head because it'll just make it worst and by letting it out I'll eventually help myself I guess.

So I'm very scared of aliens: I believe in them and myself have had an encounter not one-on-one but with my cousins witnessing a UFO in the sky. The lights, the irregular flight patterns that do not follow any particular form or law of physics. We knew what we saw. Now I've seen stuff since in the sky and maybe have just dismissed it as satellites and such but this night was different due to the setting and the location.

On a bog in a small town a few hours outside of St. John's, Newfoundland it was night and it was getting late I would say and my cousins and I were out on the Bog skating, because it was winter at the time so it's just something we were able to do. The three of us saw the same thing and kind of were skeptical of what we saw... and we weren't exactly exposed to anything of this nature, I mean we were around 8 years old and too concentrated on seeing moose or the cold weather.

But since that night it sparked an interest in us, and I'm not sure if they continue to pursue this interest but it gets me thinking all the time. About us, about life and about the world and the cosmos.

The age old question: Are we really alone?

I've watched almost all the movies, from War Of The Worlds to Fire In The Sky to Encounters of the Third Kind, etc and some are absolutely extreme and others are downright eerily fact based. I've had discussions with people from friends who's had close encounters of their own and friends who've been wanting them and hunting them their entire lives.

So I just can't believe we're alone in this universe or collections of universes, because it would all just be way too random that circumstances would arise that ONLY this planet would gain all the right formulas and gatherings to support life... in ALL the planets out there, coupled with stars and moons of their own surrounding their own suns with organic compounds, etc. But who said they need to be organic? Well that's only life on Earth that supports that... so we're limiting ourselves.

I think we're going to see something in OUR life times that will change the way we view these things. Something that will rock us right outta the water.

Like this movie just said... we used to think the world was flat and that we weren't able to travel it entirely to visit other places... and now we think we are alone. It's the same kind of thinking.

Ugh why do I have random spamming messages of websites advertising on my blog? And now I see why people make a security image mandatory to place a comment.

Where ya been?

Well to tell the truth... nowhere.
Still here just haven't been writing about anything as late. Just been working and continuing the gym and all that jazz. Not to mention playing World Of Warcraft just as much if not more than before, but that's ok because I offset it with the gym! I purchased Creatine two days ago and started that and I'm not gonna lie I've already started seeing HUGE results, so I'm excited to see what this is going to do!

Now I'm just listening to my iPod on shuffle and about to run back upstairs and play some more WoW before making a quick lunch.

My car is in the garage and I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for it and all, but my parents are going to waive the repair fees for part of my xmas gift because I would have to wait until February to be able to finally afford it... so I hope to get it on the road soon. The mechanic said it should be done today or tomorrow, getting all the shit done to it. And I know for sure I'll have the car back on the road by NEXT Friday the latest - when I can pay the taxes owned on it to register the car.

But hey! Next Friday sounds a lot better than February.

We haven't been getting lots of snow which is good, we had two days where we had some and it stayed but then it went up to like 7c and then most of it melted, so it's been all over the place lately... but I don't have winter tires on my car so hopefully it doesn't get bad ha ha ha.

Anyways I'l keep you posted with what's happening with the car and such, and roam around the blogs and throw down some comments on some friends' blogs and such.

Be well and take care!

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