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Entry Number Eight: Grape cranberry

Possibly one of the greatest things invented/discovered.

The greatness of grape plus the sexiness of cranberry... absolute bliss.
Somewhere in the world Oprah is rejoicing.

Aw. I just finished the glass... time to refill.
**EDIT** I finished ANOTHER glass... on to glass three.

So the LG Chocolate sucks.


I dropped it once, and apparently that was all that was needed.

My 'call' button does not work effectively now... which as you can imagine causes problems... especially when the sole purpose of a cellular device IS to place calls.


That's okay? I just wait until August and I get a new one or something... I am going for a PDA this time. Maybe the HTC Touch?

Or the Blackberry(C) Pearl?

Or maybe I'll use a stone tablet. And write in blood.

Entry Number Seven: Worldviews

Okay so love and understanding do not necessarily need to co-exist.

I've learned this.

Someone can love you, but not really understand?

Or maybe just in denial?

A lot like english grammar... it just is?

Or maybe like clouds?
or the number Thirteen.

My personalized mug has been replaced, thank you.

I need a bus pass and money?

And I need my wallet back, because I do not appreciate you, Ann Arbor, for keeping it from me.

Can someone get it for me? Anybody?

Will somebody help me get over lifes decisions... too many... too soon.


What does that matter? It doesn't, and it shouldn't. Like a lot of things

A lot of things should not matter.

Like chocolate covered banana slices and avacado in sushi.