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Another day another drama

Lost my phone - now I got nothing. Not due for an upgrade til February 2012, so needless to say I am going to be stuck with some bullshit phone for the time being... always happens to me.

Also, I have this lump on my throat like cancer or something.


Not going to lie, the Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm thing is getting kind of boring now. Is that terrible?

Newfoundland Trip

So Friday morning at 6:02am I am embarking on a trip to Springdale, Newfoundland for a few days. I am so excited because I get to see people I haven't seen in forever and I get to go on a big adventure.

I've never been to Springdale, and I have absolutely NO idea how to get there and refuse to look up directions until I get there so that it's more adventurous!

Not to mention I'm going to have an awesome team member by my side to give me company and make sure I'm travelling in the right direction!
So I've become obsessed with Twitter, just saying.

A new day

So today is a new day - I went to bed early last night, and I got up earlier this morning hoping that today will bring a nice new day for it.

I am currently downloading the new OS4 for the iPhone, but it's taking forever because the backup part of the installation is driving me nuts... it's the slowest moving thing ever so I'm going to have to leave my iPhone at home while I go to work and just check on it at lunch time... which sucks.

I TXT my bf all day everyday so this is totally gonna suck! I can't help I enjoy talking to him : ) and most times he makes me smile and makes my day go by faster so it's just nice to hear from him!




Today is totally going to suck I can feel it in my bones already - no coffee, and I feel drowsy and like shit... not a good combination.

this is the last of this - spending every last penny I have left... with the credit card either on the way or not, I am making some leeway and never spending all my money again. I am going to budget.

And that's final.


And here I am... 8:12am and still haven`t showered. I didn`t sleep in I just procrastinated, and here I am writing a quick blog about it - how suitable.


Today was friggin stressful.

From my Roger`s account being suspended because of me not returning a swapped out mobile device in time, to work just being crazy. From clients who are nuts and expect so much for so little, to a bird pooping on my car while I was driving - I am glad to be home.

Started off the day rough - no coffee, muffin... so I was just thrown off from the get go. It was then that I found out my cellphone was suspended for whatever ridiculous reason... at the time I didn`t understand why because I am not behind on payments so it was all a blur and frustration.

Needless to say, I made it through and I am home... safe... and in one piece. But now I need a smoke or a coffee, and unfortunately I don`t smoke so I need another coffee!



BBQ Incoming!

So I am going to go and turn that BBQ on and prepare myself a BBQ'd meal of... Burgers?

Frankly I'm very worried because the last time I attempted to use that damned thing I almost burnt the house down but forgetting to turn it off, but I promise to remember to turn it off.

So as some of you may or may not know, I am no longer single, and I know it's been a while since I've updated this so it's no fault but my own - but in most cases you are all on my facebook and would have received the notification / seen the pix.

Other than that not a lot is new, other than wanting to move to Halifax and BAD. For many reasons, not just my sexy 'other.'

Okay, so off to BBQ and risk the lives of my brothers, the animals around my home, the dog, and the spirits that inhabit this lands!