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So I posted some progress pictures, and I feel good.

I feel like my hard work is finally paying off and that in itself is enough to keep me going because now I want to see what exactly the difference will be in another 3 months, when I know how to effectively work out and isolate muscle areas to maximise muscle growth. As well my diet has become better, and I've been using the correct supplements... so this will be fun.

Also got a full time job that pays A LOT better than my current uber part time job, which will give me 35 hours a week at a MUCH higher pay scale, so now I can afford all the sexy things I want to buy... like a new TV, PS3, a new Laptop and mod shit for my car before the summer comes so I can show it all off ;)

The drive

So tonight on the drive home it was so eerie, because I was driving along a straight road and behind me, far back I see a single very bright light and I thought maybe it was a car with highbeams way off in the distance. 

So I kept driving.

I'd go over a bump, and come up outta the bump and there it was but this time it wasn't so far away I could tell it was just there, so I thought maybe it's a car with a headlight out and they have just maybe the highbeam on... But I went down another bump and came out and it was gone... with no turn offs and nowhere for it to go but the light was gone. After a transport truck passed me and I guess would have passed it, it was gone.

I got kinda giddy and excited. What are the possibilities?

Definitely the hardest part of going to the gym is getting up the energy and will power to get TO the gym. Like right now I am totally struggling... because before I go I need to eat (and I'm not sure what to make for lunch) and then I need to engulf my protein and take my creatine 30mins prior to the work out and then I need to shower so I'm all fresh and awake.

I haven't done any of that yet.

So here goes getting ready for the gym, and I'll start with trying to figure out what to make for my lunch, after I make my bed of course... aww but that's a sin I have to wake my dog he's conked out on the bed asleep... maybe making my bed will be second on the list to give him some quality sleeping time.

My views

I'm sure exactly how I feel about excessive partying and stuff at my age... like I have an idea but I'm still a little effy as to how serious I feel about the idea. I know I'm young and people my age do like to party, but I choose not to anymore.

I used to drink a lot and anyone that's known me could attest to that but just in the last 1-2 years I've completely moved away from the clubbing/partying scene and the type of people it draws in: dodgy and unstable people. I mean it's reflective of the environment, which draws in those types of people. And it's a huge huge turn off for me. I just don't want anything to do with it or that lifestyle anymore and, like I've said, I've completely removed myself from that sphere.

It's just something about it seems so fake, so juvenile and so... ugh. That's probably the best way I could word it - ugh.

NYE was the last night I got to the point of drunkness and even then I was still very conscious of what was happening that night and the environment around me, but it's every time I go out I realise and just get angry at the people that are around me. People are just so different under the influence, and don't get me wrong so am I! We all are, and it's just annoying. I just prefer to relax and drink and sure if I want to get drunk kind of stay in my own little area, with a few friends and just relax and chill and not be part of the bullshit and the drama... which is really what it is and what I've experienced in my years of hardcore partying and "living it up."

Well I'm grown up, and I've matured, and I want absolutely nothing to do with it... it just seems so immature.

I'm so, so troubled.

200th Post

Yay this is my 200th post under this blog title... that's fun and exciting and kind of lame too when you really think about it.

Ok so today is yet another day off for me but a few jobs have come up on the job bank so I'm going to run my ass down to their stores and hand in resumes/fill out applications because I need money bad and I want to work more than 3x a week. Because frankly, this is very boring.

Once I do that I'm going to go about my daily routine, hit up the gym, then after that head home and play Assassin's Creed 2 for Xbox 360 for the rest of the night on the 12ft x 8ft screen with the projector... it's absolutely amazing. Especially with the surround sound. I can just about hump Ettio's face at this size!


Ok so I need to get my day started because I am definitely still in my pjs and without a shirt trying to decide whether to go now and get the video game, play it for a bit THEN go to the gym or get the video game then on the way home go to the gym so when I come home I can have some uninterrupted time with my video game.

My shoulder is still a little weird but I keep stretching it and I think it's slowly getting better... now it doesn't make that awkward pop noise or anything it's just like a weird movement noise... but I guess that's normal.

Talked to some random Columbian today who retweeted one of my tweet on Twitter, which was completely random and then he wants me to add him on msn so we can practice his english and my spanish together... I mean that just makes sense and that way we get a practical knowledge of the language... no better way to learn a language then in the midst of it I guess.

Ok enough babbling, time to go creep some blogs and see what's on the go in peoples minds as of late.

Hello? Hello? HELLO?

Yeah so I admit I've been MIA lately. But that's almost the story every time I've been blogging lately. I've just had nothing exciting or exceptionally annoying to blog about really.

I know one thing though, and that's I am absolutely obsessed with Twitter and TweekDeck because it is constantly on the go... do you know what an API Limit is? I didn't... but NOW I do because I surpassed it and got told to RELAX.

I want a new computer and I did my AMD training so I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking with an AMD this time around... fucking INTEL. I want thew new Phenom II X4 mmmm with a 1GB GDDR3 graphics card so I can play my sexy computer games and then hit up AMD Infinity to hook up 3 monitors and have surround view...

World of Warcraft BEWARE because I am coming back... once I buy my 60 day game card this week... I know it's on the fucking list ok? So relax you fucking nerds.