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Hello? Hello? HELLO?

Yeah so I admit I've been MIA lately. But that's almost the story every time I've been blogging lately. I've just had nothing exciting or exceptionally annoying to blog about really.

I know one thing though, and that's I am absolutely obsessed with Twitter and TweekDeck because it is constantly on the go... do you know what an API Limit is? I didn't... but NOW I do because I surpassed it and got told to RELAX.

I want a new computer and I did my AMD training so I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking with an AMD this time around... fucking INTEL. I want thew new Phenom II X4 mmmm with a 1GB GDDR3 graphics card so I can play my sexy computer games and then hit up AMD Infinity to hook up 3 monitors and have surround view...

World of Warcraft BEWARE because I am coming back... once I buy my 60 day game card this week... I know it's on the fucking list ok? So relax you fucking nerds.

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