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Reasons why I need that 3000$

- to pay off my phone bill for this month (the last two months) and the new month coming
- to pay my rent for last month
- to pay for my VISA - maybe not completely just most of it
- and to pay off my 278$ Best Buy account... they call me 8x a day
- to go shopping
- and to take Carlos out for dinner

Reasons why they should Hire me

- i'm young
- charismatic
- energetic
- i'm me..... come on that deserves some credit
- i need money
- and i need a better job than starbucks?
- i want a car because my other one died
- i need my licence back because i can't afford 150$ for the reinstatement fee lol
- the bus sucks (as previously mentioned)
- and i want a baby lol...
- and i want to buy lots of things for someone, like an Iron.

Reasons why I need a new Job

- beyond broke
- over 4 months behind on bills (rent/visa/phone bill)
- nothing else to do during the day
- need to save for a passport
- want to save up to visit Newfoundland this summer
- buy a certain someone a gift

Reasons why the Windsor Transit sucks

- never on time
- always 5 mins early or 15 mins late
- the drivers 8/10 times are rude and never helpful
- the buses always break down and so you see the bus your waiting for drive past with an 'out of service' marquee
- the bus times are so random and are not coordinated
- never gets me to work on time
- always someone sketchy sitting on the bus staring at you
- either too hot, or too cold
- the prices are SO HIGH when taking into account all these flaws!!

What Valentines Day means to Me:

- a day when people you never talk to you on msn, message you to say 'Happy v-day"
- the day after the day you run around the mall finding that cute small present for someone you care for
- a day when two people named Valentine died (Big whoop?)
- everythings red and sometimes white
- a day many people spend alone
- should be a statutory holiday... so it can be another one of those days you don't get to work
- two steps closer to Valery Day

Entry Number Nine: Myspace/Facebook

Okay so... whoa.

First myspace was the craze... then facebook... then myspace steals a lot of Facebooks "cutting-edge-technology" and now people are slowly drifting back to, or as 9/10 people do... have BOTH.

I think it's hilarious using Facebook because you notice that EVERYBODY uses it. It's easy and very conventional and you can make it as complicated or as simple as you want it. None of those intense backgrounds and hard to read fonts like Myspace allows.

I've noticed Professors/Politicians/Musicians/Pastors, and the whole bunch use Facebook, as it's a nifty way to connect you to everyone else, or just your family members if you want that.

Well anyways, enough of my rant, I just find it funny how people are craving so much for interaction that they'd search out using websites like these to connect them to people... ever hear of a cellphone? or a bar? or a local Starbucks?

But I mean, I use them both... so I cannot judge ;)