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no more

no more talk of this fabled swine influenza please. no leathal cases thus far in developed nations so let's keep the hype down, and our morals high and relax.

don't give into the bs.

how about go for a nice long walk and realise how lucky we're to be alive.

birthing licence.

whilst sitting on the public transit today i saw what reinforced my opinion of why having a child/baby should require a birthing licence.
just like driving cars, having a baby should require a licence...

.. a very young lady - approx 20-22 ish was acting exceptionally rude to her very young daughter, who was asking the same question over and over.
sure i understand that repetition is annoying... and downright frustrating, but absolutely at no point in time should a mother grab her daughter and yell "will you GIVE it up! I said NO!" infront of an entire bus.
needless to say the child was embarassed and began to cry, wherein the young mother smacked the child on the face and told her to shut her mouth.

now i am aware that we don't know the family situation and maybe the young mother was at a point in her life where the anxieties, joblessness, etc, of life brought her to a point of snapping... but acting in such way towards a young child is inappropriate and can cause emotional scarring.

this is just one of many situations wherein i've seen young parents, or heard stories, or cared for children who come from abusive homes or poor homes: homes that are unable to care for a childs basic needs.
this is not right.

and so i use my example of a drivers licence.

if it is required by law, and by social acceptance, to be qualified to drive and man a vehicle for safety of innocent people, so should it be required that parents be qualified to be such.

these are lives that we are protecting. the lives of the children that cannot choose for themselves, and cannot look at a situation and decipher what is right or wrong.

if a parental unit cannot support a child they should not have it. bottom line.
not just financially support, but emotionally and psychologically.

parents are the vehicles in which children drive through life. if parents are not qualified and skilled in this process it can result in an accident, maybe minimal but quite possibly tragic.

i wouldn't want to take that chance.

i'm waiting until i know i can support a child financially, emotional and psycologically before i step behind the wheel of the parental vehicle.

you do the same.
be safe. be wise. and be smart.

feelin' weird.

so today i feel really weird... my emotions are all over the place.
i mean im excited to move and meet new people, meet some terrible people and some amazing people... i know it'll all come.

but i just don't know if i'm really really ready for another move - emotionally.

i think it's because i've moved a lot in my lifetime and it's just a huge burden for me and plays into how i view a lot of things - temporary and short-lived.

... people are in my life one day, then gone the next.
false promises of becoming really great and close friends, and then the sudden let go.
it's just depressing, and i'm not sure if i can keep doing this much longer.

so now i'm getting ready to head downtown and get my paycheck from Mila so that i can buy some groceries because i need something to eat for dinner tonite... yay for poverty and self support.

... maybe i'll feel better later once i get outta my house and just roam the streets and think about things.

swine influenza

so i got thinking about this newly developed swine influenza that's hit mexico.

doesn't it all just seem a little fishy? doesn't it all just seem a little planned in a sense?

some say its a pandemic, something similar to the flu that killed hundreds of millions in the early 1900s, but i think it's just a governmental conspiracy (yes, i went there.)

i think it's just a way for the usa to hit these countries subtly and without question, and destroy their tourism and focus, yet again, the world's attention to the usa... the soon-to-be-founder of the solution, the cure, to this otherwise incurable strand of influenza.

think of asian, during the avian influenza, and now mexico during this swine influenza. think of canada during the beef scare.

relax people. be healthy, eat well, and relax.

stop looking for ways to scare the public and think of better ways to inform them of the truths that are around us, not these false claims for economic profit.

my 2 weeks notice!

So I decided to blog my 2 weeks notice experience, so we can all find out exactly what I said, and what happened.

What fueled my giving of the 2 weeks was the fact I was getting sick of all the bullshit around, including the joke that pulled wherein I put "Chris' effen bag" on his bag in the back - which fueled the whole notice.

So Steph C. (Manager) asked me to come into the back because she wanted to discuss the bag situation with me. So I rightfully went back and the convo went as follows (give or take a few situations/sentences)

Z: hey
S: did you leave a note for chris in the back?
Z: yea.
S: oh... well that's was inappropriate.
Z: ok... but did he get the note?
S: No.
Z: ... so... what's the issue here?
S: he could have gotten it but i noticed in time
Z: but DID he get the note...
S: no he didn't, but i will have to document this for future reference.
Z: oh ok (and herein i explained it was a joke and blah blah and meant for only the baristas on the floor because it was intended that i deliver the bag to chris that night... HAD HE SHOWED UP LIKE HE SAID.)

so herein i begin my 2 weeks notice.

Z: so steph since we're back here i wanted to talk to you when you had a few minutes.
S: ok sure what's up
Z: actually it's going to take more than just a few minutes.
S: oh. umm.. pull up a chair then!
Z: ok. ill start by saying this, i'm giving my 2 weeks notice... and i prepared a list of reasons *reaches for notebook in bag* as to why im giving my notice.
S: Ok...

so here is my list of items that i mentioned and explained to Steph.

- disrespect
- was told about jackie offered supervisor position after i brought to attention that i wanted that position - been known for over a year
- hours so limited cannot survive off 15.5h a week
- double standards here in company, alot of ambiguity
- very evasive
- supervisor position promises and hours promises and transfer promises
- very evasive management
- told me "best interest is at heart" in re: my hours, etc (slap in face)
- barista who's only been with company for not even 6 months getting more hours than me who's been at this store for over 2 years
- my review showed completely qualified and capable for supervisor position
- standards are ambiguous and constantly changing and therefore causing stress
- different managers different standards
- made many sacrifices for this company like eating one meal a day in hopes that someday (as mentioned) that i'd become supervisor
- was told when few people left and labor cleared up would be offering more hours and supervisor position
- i'm good worker and i don't deserve to be disrespected
- asked why take transfer for supervisor position from another store and not take from within our own store
- why hire more baristas when there are baristas here starving for hours and starving literally

meanwhile the entire time steph had no answers for my questions.
doing the usual evasive technique diverting attention and never really answering why DAYNA was taken as a transfer where i wanted teh supervisor position.


so that's it. i left out a lot of bullshit and filler stuff that was said because i just wanted to give a basic idea and to answer some questions and give you an idea of what i said.

mystery girl

o donna genner beware bcuz i am going to find out everything there is to kno about u, dont u worry.

- moving - how crazy -

i kno. yet again i will b moving to another province, but this time im both excited and very nervous.

im moving to westville, nova scotia with my family for the summer, then off to halifax in the fall for school. i am probably more excited about halifax, but itll be nice to relax and save sum money living with my parents.

more updates coming soon - i promise ill start using this again.