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A More Extensive About Me

So I've been forced to do a more extensive About Me post so that you all can get a better idea of who I am, so I delightedly present it to you now:

22 Years old I am currently living in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. And I really enjoy the area so far, it's cute and tiny, and it's nestled nicely amongst trees and widespread houses with a nice blend of all the amenities you'd need to get everything done. I moved here July 1st, 2009 from Windsor, Ontario.

Originally born in St. John's, Newfoundland and growing up in Bonavista, Newfoundland I moved to Ontario for the first time when I was just 11 years old an stayed in Oakville, Ontario for approx. 6 years before moving back to St. John's, then from there to Windsor, and so the saga begun.

I am in limbo with finishing my Bachelor's degree in Honors Political Science and I hope to finish it someday, but for right now it's just not me. I regret starting and doing as much of the program as I did, but I've learned that I can only embrace my past and not dwell on the mistakes I've made.

I'm 5'8, currently 145lbs and hoping to slim that down and maybe gain some muscle in the next little while! Getting a car will be step one in that process, because I hate being the skinny guy, I always have, I just never told anyone that.

I used to be anorexic, from grades 9-11, weighing in approximately 105lbs at the same height that I am at right now. I've learned from that though, and you'd definitely see that if you saw me now... definitely not anorexic.

My favorite band is Therion. I feel their lyrics speak something different and agreeable to my soul and my heart. Catchy tunes as well, but most of their lyrics are based around norse heathenism and other pagan references.

I come from a very christian home but I practice nothing of the sort. My faith waivers from time to time and my acknowledgment of a divine power fades depending on the situations I find myself in, but ultimately I believe in a primal Divine spirit that guides us all, whether in the embodiment of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Jupiter, Zeus, etc.

I have OCD, and I love things to be perfect especially in respect to my bed, my typing (re: typos) and with people around me. I am obsessed with lines and making sure everything lines up perfectly, whether it be sheets of paper or items on a desk.

I hate repetition and it just stabs deep, if you know me well then you'd know this.

I love cars, and I know a lot about them, which for some is a little confusing because apparently gay guys cannot be so deeply into cars... that's weird?

I'm a homosexual, as anyone close to me knows. I don't think I'm blatantly obvious but I know I don't hide it from anyone, being family or friends... especially friends. If you don't like me for something so basic then how can you like me for the more complex things that are part of my personality.

I love music, all types really... more specifically experimental ambiance (Sigur Ros, Riceboy Sleeps, The Black Atlantic, The Volcano Choir, etc). I am obsessed with Bjork and I have over 500 of her songs as well as some rare ones and some from her previous band, The Sugarcubes. I love and appreciate Indie music for what it is and one of my favorite Indie artists is Dan Auerbach.

I love learning and I am obsessed with knowledge. Richard Dawkins' book The Selfish Gene is probably one of the most profound books I've read. I love learning about Culture and Religions and about where and why people act the way they do. I love understanding.

I know a lot of random things.

I pick "Random Article" a lot on Wikipedia and read them when I am bored.

I love the stars and space.

I am a conspiracy theorist, an animist, a liberal, and a paranormal enthusiast.

I believe in UFOs, extraterrestrial beings, intelligent life out there.

I'm random and complex and it's hard to read me I've been told. I'm cold hearted but warm on the inside when you get to know me.

I love to donate and participate in things that will better the community; the arts, organizations, etc.

When people say "He wouldn't hurt a fly" they were really referring to me with that cliche.

I hate and love people.

I love the color green, but I hate the color green in cars.

I can list 17 things wrong with me that I'd love to change.

I like chocolate Axe deodorant like a lot.

I am obsessed with spraying Febreeze around my room.

I love my bed sheets and my new duvet, they're so comfy. And I paid a huge amount of money for them which is sort of embarrassing.

I love coats and jackets and I don't mind spending ridiculous amounts of money for simple things just because I justify the means subconsciously.

I love butter on my tea biscuits and I put sugar in my tea... sometimes a lot depending on if I feel tired.

I do weird things sometimes that don't make sense solely because I feel it should be done. Almost like a self-inflicted superstitious behavior.

And I guess that clues it all up, and when/if I think of something else I will certainly just throw it in here as this is probably a completely random post and most people either won't understand or pay attention to the flow enough to care. I just felt I should post a more extensive profile of myself as a few people have been asking.

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Kelvin Oliver said...

Hey friend. I wished I was able to give such a very clear about me story as you have done. I rather have Q&A then write about myself though that is easy because I know who I am. Right? lol. Hope you are having a good day. Just stopping through.