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next few days

the last few days have been great... u kno why :)
... tonight i'm going to leamington for the evening and tomorrow leaving bright and early to go to oakville for the day

going to be a fun little adventure and get to see my family is oakville (and cambridge?) for a big bbq i think we're having.
... should be delish!

anyways i need to find like 400$ in the next few days... SNAP

marilyn manson

ok so the cats outta the bag... i really really like marilyn manson.
... so wut.
i think hes very talented! - and hes a really good lyricist.

his new album 'the high end of low' is really enjoyable, so is his last album 'eat me, drink me'

anyways last few days have been crazy... made some decisions that im sticking to (not to be discussed) and there are new developments that are taking me by surprise.

anyways, hanging out today with a boy... should be fun times :) im really pumped.

boom blox bash party

such a cute game.
... and yes i stole my parents wii bcuz they don't use it anyways

it'll give me somethin to do!

bringin back the oldies

so yesterday (advice from lance an bea) i downloaded a super nintendo emulator for my comp.
... awesome.

im playing super mario bros 3 and this was my fav. game when i was young.
... except it definitely much harder to play with the laptop controls because of how the arrow keys are spaced apart.
but still alot of fun!

so i also made a cake yesterday which was nice, and delish. except now i don't think i will be able to eat it all myself!!!
... oh well maybe i'll just give some to my roommate and whatnot and randoms on the street.

so today i need to figure out how much it is to get my G licence and also to get my SmartServe or whatever... but now that i think about it, they might not use that in Nova Scotia because SmartServe is for ontario... hmmm.


had a delish little dinner and hang last night with my friend mikey, that was good. and i think it was good for him to just do something with someone else to get his mind off the past :) (yea yea mikeeeeey)
... always a delight going to Chanoso's for stirfry.

then we hit up Phog which was random because i normally don't have to pay cover but whatever maybe it helped them out a bit i guess.


gt's in leamington

just got back from leamington and i must say i had a nice little stay.
... and i relly felt good about helpin my mother out by driving my brothers to and from work and running some errands for her.

... i even folded up all the laundry that was in a basket in the basement that needed folding.

A++ son.

right now i'm just getting ready for tonights stag n doe, which should be a good time (i hope.)
... it'll be a nice little get-together with friends from starbucks as well as celebrating amanda's engagement or w/e.

anyways i'm off to shower and such and get this shit rollin'!

today's checklist

1. calling telus to harass them more.
2. going to leamington over night to help my mother out bcuz shes sick.
3. gym in leamington
4. figure out pants to wear for tomorrow.

... i feel bad that some people's hearts get broken.


ugh im sooo over alcohol.
... there are just more much less agonizing things to do for a fun time.

like i dunno, things?

my to-do list

heres my to-do list for today, and its only 12:53p so i can still do it.

a. go to gym and get a monthly subscription
b. search for n find a cheap bike.
c. call telus and get that damn BB Storm!
d. start writing my barista blogs for my final farewells.

ugh and here i dont even wanna leave my room! - maybe a shower will help or somethinnnn.


Theres a middle aged woman on the bus... dressed a little better than normal u can tell.... wonder where she's going....
- Mr Z. Abbott

shit - last shift

oh shit its my last shift... and already im gunna be late (sorry allison!!) because the first bus is at 7a.
... im supposed to be at work FOR 7a. aahaha.

oh and this is gunna be hilarious today.

second last day

so today was my second last day at starbucks
... not gunna lie i was a little reluctant to leave the store and move onto my last day at starbucks.

so i lingered a while and tried an exceptionally difficult sudoku puzzle.
epic fail.

now im listening to the new depeche mode cd which i really kinda enjoy, but not as much as some other albums that i've recently downloaded (metric, the decemberists, yeah yeah yeahs, etc)
... but still enjoyable.

so now i'm just freshly awaken from a little 45min nap and about to re-heat my chinese food left overs from last nite and throw in Psycho.
... ive been going through a midlife crisis apparently, or so my mother says.
... quite possibly really

been digging the retro music and the old cult classics. close encounters, invasion of body snatchers, fire in the sky, etc ;)

best movie and best song award

best movie: fire in the sky
best song : new day sung by kate havnevik.

sixteen thumbs up
... no kiddin.

my new avatar

hehe so i mentioned earlier i was going to create a new avatar for this website i play called its mostly just random bs and a boredom killer..

... but heres my final product as promised :P

yea its pretty gay but its adorably cute!!


ugh i cannot sleep at all rite now.
... instead im just playin this stupid online game and tryin to make a cute avatar (which ill post the final result here).

anyone have any ideas of wat to do for the day?

stick it to the pimp

yea thats wat im listenin to by Peaches
... she is officially my new fav. artist heh.

today was amazing... amazing lunch at eastside bakery in leamington (corned beef on rye reuben n a nice latte) and tonites dinner was beyond amazing. bbq mosquite chicken with sweet potato fries n potato chunks.
.... yum.

im really enjoyin goin to my parents lately.. its always a good time, maybe theyre shaping up
... i can say im also shaping up too tho, cuz i can be an ass.
... o and i got to drive alot today, both n my brothers car and my mothers car - wat a time!
i miss it.

o well, soon enough ill be home enough ;)

i admit

i eat hotdogs raw from the package.
so wat i like them like that from time to time.
.... shaddup.

beautiful weather

so i definitely need to get a paycheck that isnt in my bank account longer than 43 seconds.
... because i def need to get some new things for the summer because i dont even really have anything to wear!

maybe ill do that this weekend maybe... o wait... maybe my tax return will come soon i guess?

todays agenda:
that's it.

supposed to watch a movie with a friend but my 75$ hasnt come unfrozen yet in my bank account so ill have to postpone... maybe ill go to leamington and visit the family?
... yea maybe ill do that.


... yea sometimes i admit im pretty bipolar.
not clinical of course. but i have tendencies.

one minute happy, one minute sad.
... more sad often times than not lately.

gotta figure that one out.


so today im supposed to wrk 4(or 430...?) til close, and im really hoping i feel alot better
... i feel better this morning - i slept in a bit and made sure i didnt over sleep or anything.

im waiting for Close encounters of the Third Kind to finish buffering while my roommate busts through her stuff for moving.

... gonna be so weird when its me thats getting my stuff through that door ... not really looking forward to it really.
im gonna miss alot of people here in windsor, some more than others, but nonetheless theres going to be heartbreak on my behalf bcuz ive met some amazing people during my time here in windsor. MUAH.

... i really hope its not too hot outside today because i dont really wanna wear anything other than a hoody because i like to feel hidden inside of it.

parents can be right

i learned this weekend that when parents say don't do certain things because they can hurt u... they might just be right! yikes.

o well, live and learn really.



that is all.

green eyes

im so jealous of guys with green eyes.
..... i think theyre so sexy and it just drives me insane bcuz unless i wanna put n fake color contacts ill never have them.