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Ok so I need to get my day started because I am definitely still in my pjs and without a shirt trying to decide whether to go now and get the video game, play it for a bit THEN go to the gym or get the video game then on the way home go to the gym so when I come home I can have some uninterrupted time with my video game.

My shoulder is still a little weird but I keep stretching it and I think it's slowly getting better... now it doesn't make that awkward pop noise or anything it's just like a weird movement noise... but I guess that's normal.

Talked to some random Columbian today who retweeted one of my tweet on Twitter, which was completely random and then he wants me to add him on msn so we can practice his english and my spanish together... I mean that just makes sense and that way we get a practical knowledge of the language... no better way to learn a language then in the midst of it I guess.

Ok enough babbling, time to go creep some blogs and see what's on the go in peoples minds as of late.

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