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200th Post

Yay this is my 200th post under this blog title... that's fun and exciting and kind of lame too when you really think about it.

Ok so today is yet another day off for me but a few jobs have come up on the job bank so I'm going to run my ass down to their stores and hand in resumes/fill out applications because I need money bad and I want to work more than 3x a week. Because frankly, this is very boring.

Once I do that I'm going to go about my daily routine, hit up the gym, then after that head home and play Assassin's Creed 2 for Xbox 360 for the rest of the night on the 12ft x 8ft screen with the projector... it's absolutely amazing. Especially with the surround sound. I can just about hump Ettio's face at this size!

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