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Why are people so fucking dodgy?
I make plans and we make plans and then things change and everything goes to shit and here I am waiting for "people to get back to me with what's going on." Well I'm sorry that's not something I'm going to bank on. For the following reasons:
1) I need to know whether or not to waste my minimal money on alcohol
2) Figure out whether I am driving anywhere and need to buy gas
3) Figure out what I need to wear and what's the occassion of the even to see whether I can find something to even wear
4) So I don't fucking sit around LIKE A LOSER.

So to all my so called fucking friends, thanks for getting back to me, thanks for hanging out with me all week when I told you to let me know and you said you would... when you've been "bored" and "looking for something to do" because I've seen the goddam facebook status updates... even commented on a few to get the point across.

So I won't forget this - And anyone who knows me well, KNOWS I won't forget this. You're good as gone, fuck off. I need to find new friends.

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