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Ok so it hasn't been awfully bad not having a car... I mean sure I have less social life and don't really have the ability to something as simple as go to the convenience store without asking. But I've been able to keep up with the gym, but I still feel bad asking my parents for their car and such, but I've been making sure to show them that I am so grateful and I haven't had any run-ins yet so that's good.

--- It's bound to happen though... the run-ins, that is. I just got to catch one of my parents on a bad day and boom, they'll lose it on me, it's just how it always goes. I've been working a lot more than usual so hopefully I can get over this hump and pay back my shit ASAP.!

For my holiday gift, I told my parents I want a MVI (Motor Vehicle Inspection) and possibly some emergency brakes... or maybe some Car Tax?... let's see what they decide to do, hopefully one of those so that I can get my car back on the road. Also need to look into why I can't drive past 12am, because of some stupid graduate program for licenses here in Nova Scotia.

Haven't been blogging a lot lately, which I admit has been selfish because I know you want to read about my life so bad :P But I've been playing WoW pretty avidly when I have the time and whenever I can take a few hours and sit on my mothers desktop, because my laptop won't support it. My character is a level 23 Night Elf Druid now, and I just love cat form because its so sleek!

Anyways I must get ready for work now, and try to figure out if my parents are driving me or if I am taking the Passat or not, I'm not sure... it'll be better too once my brothers get their car back on the road too, because they can drive me places as well. Something about the Alternator going in their car and having to pay 350$ to replace it... but that's being fixed today apparently. And ugh, I work 1pm to 9pm, but it's good hours so whatever!

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Liv said...

Ignore my question on the last post about what Character & Faction you play =) I see now.

Druids are really fun characters, you will always have variety, and they are superior healers at 80.

The grind to 80 is going to be slow and rough - but just enjoy the process. I have so many characters, but still only one 80 because it takes so long. Ha. =)

Good luck with the car thing, I know how it feels =)

becca said...

I too feel the sting of being car-less. At least you can borrow a car. I'm forced to stay home a lot. Cabin fever is preeeetty common lately.

And OMG WoW. I lose too many people to that nerdfest :P