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The drive

So tonight on the drive home it was so eerie, because I was driving along a straight road and behind me, far back I see a single very bright light and I thought maybe it was a car with highbeams way off in the distance. 

So I kept driving.

I'd go over a bump, and come up outta the bump and there it was but this time it wasn't so far away I could tell it was just there, so I thought maybe it's a car with a headlight out and they have just maybe the highbeam on... But I went down another bump and came out and it was gone... with no turn offs and nowhere for it to go but the light was gone. After a transport truck passed me and I guess would have passed it, it was gone.

I got kinda giddy and excited. What are the possibilities?

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djw said...

maybe it was a snowmobile... orrr something along those lines...(4wheeler etc..)