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Ok so what I am absolutely obsessed with this video game already and I've only been playing just over a week... but that's OK because when I purchased the software yesterday (With the help of Eric!! <3) the lady said that she knows this one guy and he's 60 and absolutely obsessed with the game... so I'm not 60 so it's OK. Gives me something to do now that my car is being put up while I save up enough money to pay all the shit (Tax, MVI, emergency brake repair.)

Also I am really loving the song by Beyonce: Sweet Dream, and really getting into the new Lady Gaga song.. I know it's a tad embarrassing but I don't even care anymore lol, I'm a total fruit -- live with it!

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As said...

omg...WoW really? Zak?

ps-near to you is the best song by a fine frenzy EVAR.

Liv said...

I know what you mean about the WoW thing darlin.

I have been playing for over 2 years. I slowed down tremendously because I just don't have time - but the game definitely never ends.

What realm and faction do you play?