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Oh man, it's definitely becoming a thing for me now... I can't even look at something high in calories and comparing that to a certain amount of time I have to be on that damn elliptical! I mean that's good, but it could also become very bad... or maybe I'm just starting to think healthy again. I dunno, but I'm liking the changes beginning to happen to my body already - and it's been only a week!

Yesterday I took a day of rest and didn't go to the gym, but relaxed after a night out on the town, no more soreness from Saturday's gym trip, so I'm ready to go today and push myself a little harder again.

My new love has become Walnuts and Cashews... obviously only a measured amount because of the loaded down trans fats and such in them, but they're just so tasty and definitely a lot better than potato chips... and they also contain protein which is good!

Drinking a min. of 3.4L of water a day is still a little hard so I always try to have a full glass of water next to me whereever I go so I am constantly drinking that.

I read a few days ago that 80% of the time we're hungry, we're actually just thirsty! So I've been trying it out, and eating little bits here and there, mixing up the food groups and I've noticed I don't whop down huge amounts of food like I used to... sure I'd love to just have 2 servings of my mothers amazing Shepherds Pie, but I just have to think... 45mins on the elliptical!

Ps. My family is gone to get their H1N1 Shots right now I believe... they called me this morning and asked if I was going to go, I said no... so I suffered their wrath again. -Sigh-

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Manju said...

One of the things that annoys me the most is when i'm stuffing my face and someone tells me how many calories there are in my food haha
try snacking on negative calorie foods, like celery n apples maybe?fibres make you feel full.
anyway thanks for dropping by ;)

Ashli said...

i am by far the laziest person on earth. Very rarely will I go to a gym.

Yay for lazy meeee.

AHawk said...
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AHawk said...

Don't pay so much attention to calories more so than Carbs..

Carbs are what put on weight. Sugar is what turns into fat.

Fat free doesn't mean Sugar Free
Carb Free doesn't mean fat free
Sugar Free doesn't mean Carb Free

stick with good carbs, (which contrary to belief isn't whole wheats and wheat breads)

Things like potatoes, brown rice, Oatmeal, Ezeikel Bread (google it bread with no flour)

are the complex carbs that work with your body more so than

Pastas, breads (white and wheat), candy, which are simple carbs that turn to sugar, which sugar turns to fat.

be weary of fruits also, their good for you depending on your workout but also are packed with sugar.
Its Fructose which is slightly better but still sugar.